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I just threw a motor together to get me through the winter.

Its a completely stock z6 bottom end I had laying around with a z6 head I had off a different motor. I installed crower valve springs and retainers, crower stage 2 turbo cam, AEM adj Cam gear, and an oem sized cometic headgasket. (So basically a stock z6 with crower valve train.)

It's running off a chipped p28 with a stock z6 basemap that I made in crome.

There is no engine light but is not running right.

When I first put the motor in it started to bog and miss. Then one day it completely died and wouldnt start. I took the dizzy apart and it was pretty fried. So I bought a brand new one and it fired up right away. It didnt really want to idle that well unless the dizzy was all the way back towards the firewall.

After driving it for a few weeks, I tried the dizzy in different spots, but seems to be a problem where ever I put it. It will now idle with the dizzy anywhere but the car either has NO power down low and lots up top, or has a smooth powerband all the way through the rpm range but seems to work better when the gas peddle is at half throtle. It seems to have the most power when the dizzy is all the way to the front of the car, however pulling away from a stop, the car barely moves.

My alt belt was loosening off and causing some power loss. But recently I got it tightened back up and still isnt running perfect.

It did however run perfect a few days ago for about an hr and then the alt belt came loose and started acting up all over again.

I think I narrowed the problem down to a few possibilities, either one or a combinaton of a few...

1. The alt is bad
2. The timing needs to be set
3. Needs the timing tuned for the turbo cam
4. Needs new plugs

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated...

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