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self clutch install

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Ive had quite a bit of expirience in mechanics, but never done a clutch install before. Just posting to get some pointers or anything to look out for while doing a clutch install on my turbo eg. Also, tips on resurfacing the flywheel would be great. Thanks guys.
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If you have a used OEM Flywheel I would definately get it resurfaced. Also a clutch install isnt hard.

Torque the flywheel down using this pattern.

Then put on the clutch disc and pressure plate. Not sure the specs for those but I am sure someone will tell you.

Then put the tranny on...

Torque the flywheel bolts down to 87lbs I believe. Do the pressure plate the same but at 18lbs. This should help some.
get a haynes manual and i'm sure you will be fine, good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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