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Head Lift????

Well I was running in some overheating issues...


But basically I had an overheat due to a broken water line in a long distance trip on xmas eve (yeah my santa's present)
I was not loosing water neither oil. But I had water pushed in the radiator overflow tank.
I was not burning water (no white smoke) not burning oil (blue smoke) I had no water in the oil (VC removed) No oil in the water (rad flushed)

So I decided to take the car to a rad center and have a test to see if the rad was pressurized by a HG leak which resulted true.

I took off the head and guys....

The HG was clean! It just fell off the Head when I lifted from the block!

Pistons look fine, sleeves look excellent, valves are fine.

My car is boosted at 10psi... I assume I just had a head lift and finally it maxed out when overheated.

Could be just that?

Oh yeah, the Head is going to Machine shop for test and probably to be milled if necessary, and bought arps studs.

PICS: I'll post it in few hours I forgot my camera in the car
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