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Hi guys,
as I´m new on this forum, I´d like to introduce myself first of all:
My name is Flo and I´m from Austria (so please excuse my eventually horrible english *hehe*).

I drive a Honda Civic EG4 (original with a D15B2 engine). I did a MiniMe on it and got about 160hp out of that machine.
BUT on of the hoses for the heating system got damaged, so the engine overheated...

So I decided to switch to a D16 block with a EnDyn head. The head is no problem, but I haven´t found a D16 short block yet, which i could send to EnDyn. Does anyone of you know a D16 shortblock in good condition? (crankshaft,oilpan,oilpump etc. should be included) Please help me getting a good block.

Thanks in advance Flo
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