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Well it was time to move on from my little crv, so I moved on to the diesel world. I needed something to tow my trailer queen civic to the track, I was looking for tundras first but then said fuck it, I'm just going to go big.

So I bought me a powerstroke. It's a 2000 (99.5-00 are the best in my opinion) owned by a ford diesel mechanic of 17 years. He had 5 f250's like this for his landscaping company, this one just pulled the trailer with the lawn mowers. Has 120k miles, 5" turbo back, I put a DIY intake on yesterday, he had the engine out 2 years ago to fix the usual issues, rusty oil pan, ebpv line, all rubber hoses, etc. Has an extra leaf in the front and bags in the back, it's a kick ass truck. Besides the fact that the cam position sensor took a dump on me like a typical powerstroke yesterday when o went to leave the store, but it's fixed and back to normal.

I don't have many plans for the truck since it already has an exhaust and stuff, just a short list.

-DIY intake (done)
-New head unit and door speakers
-Programmer for more hp and mpg
-HID's (going in today)
-Hulerculine the bed

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