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scottdh20's turbo 95 hatch aka "miss civic"

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so i thought i would start a new project log as my build has gone in a very different direction...

for those that dont know the back story here is the old project log:

the name "miss civic" was given to my car by my g/f ..... she claims i'm having an affair with miss civic and she is just going to have to learn to live with the fact i got two ladies in my life that need constant attention and money

anyways i will start from just a few months back to get you up to speed

last year for the few weeks it actually lived before spinning a bearing

and now....block and arp's are in, head and turbokit are just sitting as i was test fitting the new intercooler pipes

current mod list:


built d16y7 (eagle rods/std bore vitara)
arp head studs

-head (z6)
skunk2 valves
crower valve springs
272-2(bisi 2.4 clone) delta cam
port and polish
Cleaned up bowls
Back cut valves
Competionion 3 angle (5 angle) valve job
Deshrouded valves
aem cam gear

y8 head gasket
3" exhaust
Edlebrock performer x intake manifold
Skunk2 70mm throttle body
spoon oil cap
Dual core aluminum radiator
Slim fan with shroud
Speed factory thermo intake mani gasket

Holset hx35
Custom ramhorn
mini external ebay wastegate
3" v-band down pipe
2.5 ic pipes
genuine blitz blow off valve
godspeed fmic
Rc 750cc saturated injectors
stealthmode oil line kit
tuner toys block fitting
ngk- bkr7e

egay short shifter (over 4years now )
Shift extender
Weighted knob
f1 stage 3 sprung 6 puck clutch and performance pressure plate
H22 slave cylinder
si 5-speed

Suspention & rollers;
K-sport full bodied coilovers with adj dampning
Aftermarket red rlca's
street - 16x7 asa -bf goodrich g-force tires
track- 24.5x8x14 mickey tompson drag slicks on 15" hx rims with screws

spoon style front lip
ek sideskirts
amber corners
50/50 tail lights
spoon style mirrors
carbon fiber duckbill
Vis vented carbon fiber hood
Vent visors
diy black housing headlights


knock off red recaros
4 point harness
autopower 4 point cage with custom harness bar
jdm center audio consol
autometer dash gauge pod
5" autometer monster tach
aem uego wideband
2 5/8s water temp gauge
carbon fiber radio block off plate w/ autometer boost and oil pressure gauges
carbon fiber gauge cluster shroud
rear strut bar
red l.e.d's in gauge cluster(looks nice)
itr shift knob
v3 dvd/cd player
5 1/4 pioneer door speakers
6x8 sony rear speakers
pioneer immp 12"sub
generic 450watt amp(250rms)

tune will be done by RCautoworks
Goals are 11.999 or faster / 130mph+ traps / 400whp+ all on pump 93oct.

Car needs to be good for 10s ....and I will work my way to it :)
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Looking good!
In for more updates.
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Delta Cam regrinds

they going in this one, or another car ya building ?
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Looking good!
In for more updates.
x2 Nice bro.
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they going in this one, or another car ya building ?
its for this car....i got the cam sitting in my backseat...i just have been so crazy busy to get to ups,usps,fedex,etc..... but i will be taking time out of my lunch break tomorrow to send the core on in.... hopefully make the

i'll be happy with 11's without spray and hping for 10's guess is im gonna need taller slicks and better suspention to get there though
oh yes, i will definitely be following this thread :bigok::bigok:

where are you getting the new setup tuned at?
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looks like a good build man, you gonna have it up and running come spring?
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Nice setup g/l with the project. I will definitely follow.
thanks guys

tron reading owns you....reread the second to last line of the original working on convincing kyle(hondanut_b16) on xceed to go with come spring time.....i wanna do it on a day that temps are higher for spring.. high 60's low 70's but dont want to wait till that way the tune will be a bit better come those 90* summer days
Without spray I'm hopeing to get it close to 300....with spray well we shall see but it should suprise some people
Sent my cam core out to delta today :D
Looks Great, I see that you got the steering wheel to work. Want to see the 272-2 put to use already.
I like that steering wheel! subscribed!
:( my bad man, i was too excited looking at all the bokeh-y photos. i would love to go down there to get my shit tuned man.
yeah i like those photos alot......yoshi took the first 4 of them, they guys name is on the 5th and i bet you can tell the ones i took with my
Cute nice move with going with RC when is the tune date hopefully mine will be up there by then
Haven't set one because I'm not 100% when it'll be done, when the time gets closer to finish I'll set the appt
cam is being shipped today from delta :) .... i'll post pics when it shows up
Small update

This came in today

Delta 272-2 :D
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