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Question #1
Found this in the honda-tec CRX/EF Civic forum FAQ
V-AFC VTEC controller -------> ECU PIN location
Red & Orange wire splice/connect to A15 (yellow/black)
Green wire RPM signal splice/connect to B15 (white1)
Pink wire VTEC signal output to VTEC solenoid (green/yellow)
Purple wire VTEC signal input not used on PM6 ecu
Blue wire VTM signal not used on PM6 ecu
Gray wire Throttle signal splice/connect to C7 (red/blue wire)
Yellow wire Pressure signal output cut/connect to C11 ECU side harness
Si/Hf = white1 , DX = orange
White wire Pressure signal input cut/connect to C11 ENGINE side harness
Si/Hf = white1 , DX = orange

Black wire Ground splice/connect to A16 (brown/black wire)Engine side harness
Brown wire Ground splice/connect to A16 (brown/black wire)has to be connected closer to the ECU

I'm having a little trouble understanding the bold section. Is it telling me to connect the yellow wire on the SAFC to the ECU side of C11 and the white wire on the SAFC to the Engine side of the harness; and that in a Si/Hf the wire is white and on a DX it's orange? It will be installed on a PM5 ECU if that matters

Question #2
On the SAFC harness
IG Power: Orange <--I put this wire with the red one and connect it to power right?
Ground: Black/Green
VTEC Signal: Purple in/Pink Out
RPM Signal: Green
Pressure Signal: Yellow Out/White In
Throttle Signal: Gray
VTM Signal: Blue

Question #3
How does the SAFC adjust A/F? It doesn't do it via the pressure sensor does it?

Pic of ECU I just found for reference

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