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Ok, maybe it's time for me to show my car aswell. I'm updating this front page as I go along.

Specifications are as follows:
1994 LSi Coupe (basically same as your DX, with D15B7 engine), swapped to:

- D16Z6 SOHC VTEC swap (150 whp / 112 ft.lbs.tq)
- 0.5mm overbore, total displacement 1612cc.
- Endyn "Roller Wave" NA (Mid) 75.5mm pistons. Theoretical compression: 12,2:1
- Crower Stage 3 cam, valve springs and titanium retainers
- Head prepped by Endyn ("stage 2" porting, bronze valve guides and 3-angle valvejob)
- Endyn race valves (Intake: stock size Exhaust: 0.5mm oversize)
- Magnecor 8,5mm spark plug wires
- ARP head studs and rod bolts
- Fidanza 7lbs flywheel
- Exedy Stage 1 clutch (upgrade)
- Edelbrock Performer X intake manifold
- Edelbrock cam gear
- 60mm throttle body
- AEM V2 Cold Air Intake
- AEM Tru-Power underdrive alternator pulley
- B&M fuel pressure regulator
- No name fuel pressure gauge
- Bisimoto Engineering 4-1 header
- SMSP 2.5" universal catalytic converter
- GReddy EVO2 60mm B-pipe
- Spoon Street gen.1 muffler

Engine management/monitoring:
- P28, socketed and added datalogging (USB)
- Crome Pro used for tuning
- Innovative Motorsports LC-1 wideband o2 w/ built in controller
- Moates Ostrich ROM emulator
- Oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant temperature gauges (Auto Meter Cobalt, mounted in radio slot)

- 3rd and 4th gear from D16A9 (1.346 and 1.033 ratios)
- mFactory 4.9 Final Drive
- OBX Limited Slip Differential

- Shocks and springs: Koni Sport kit
- Anti-sway bars: Whiteline 24mm / 22mm
- SPC upper control arms w/camber adjustment (front and rear)
- Whiteline caster kit (+1.90 degrees)
- mFactory Roll center adjusters (Long ball joints)
- Energy Suspensions and SuperPro polyurethane bushings
- Tower bars: PasswordJDM 2 point (front and rear)
- Front Subframe rod from Integra Type R

- 262mm front and 239mm rear discs
- Russel stainless braided hoses

- Steering rack from Integra Type R
- Power steering removed

- Repainted Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-503P (original color) in 2004
- OEM Civic lip and splash guards
- Amber corners and oem lights
- Spoon style mirrors

Wheels and tires:
- 15x6.5" SSR RF-Pro
- 195/50-15 Toyo Proxes R888

- Stripped interior
- JDM VTi instrument cluster
- Cobeau Sprint bucket seat (driver)
- EDM Civic VTi seat (passenger)
- HOP Honda center console and armrest
- Momo Corse steering wheel
- Skunk2 Billet Shift Knob, 10th Anniversary Edition
- Fast Line Performance Racing Shifter
- Replica Mugen pedal covers

And a video from a track meet I went to on September 26th, 2009:

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Absolutely because I want to! People around here seem to like it, but I would rather have it looking stock. Nicer that way, in my opinion.

Ok, so engine wise the plans look about like this:
- Rebuilding the D16 engine with new gaskets.
- Crower stage 2 cam, valve springs and titanium retainers.
- P29 pistons, for a comp ratio of about 12:1.
- Edelbrock Performer X IM with 60mm TB
- ARP head stud kit
- Exedy stage 1 organic clutch and Fidanza 7lbs flywheel.
- P28 ECU
- Edelbrock adjustable cam gear
- Of course the mandatory EX tranny.
- Rear disc conversion (from Integra LS) with 40/40 prop valve.
- Powerslot discs all around
- Hawk Performance brake pads
- Russel stainless steel brake line kit.

That is about anything I can think of right now. Im trying to get a decent price on a mild PnP, and I also need some tuning.
But as a college student I can't spend everything I have either unfortunately.

So, how does this sound? Atleast I'm excited! Can't wait to get started on this project.
Tomorrow I will pay my order at TunersChoice, so the parts can get on their way.

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Thanks for all comments so far!
Glad some of you like it, allthough I'm not quite happy myself until the stock front bumper's back.
And the wing will be gone too, if everything goes as planned. Then the beautiful shape of the Coupe will stand out.
I love how these cars look, as long as they don't have hub caps. That looks so cheap...

The mirrors and lights will stay as they are, cause I kind of like them. They aren't angel eyes, if anyone wondered.

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I have now paid for a shipment coming to me all the way from TunersChoice.
It contains:
- Crower stage 2 cam, valve springs and retainers.
- Edelbrock cam gear
- Exedy stage 1 organic clutch
- Fidanza 7lbs flywheel
- Powerslot brake rotors all around
- Hawk Performance brake bads (also all around)
- Stainless steel brake line kit.

I'm hoping to get the motor done by this summer ends, so I will need to pull the rest together soon.
To do list for now:
- Rear disc conversion, including putting on the new brake parts.
- Re-building the head; replace seals, new cam, springs and retainers.
- Replacing the pistons, for some fine P29s.
- Hopefully get it properly tuned, so I can make the most of it.

I'm really excited about this one, and hope I can get it up and running within a few months.
Going from the B7 and over to an upgraded Z6, I'm sure it will be good :)

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Hopefully the engine will be built during this summer, and put in before school starts in mid august.
I will need my car to be running by then, so x:)x fingers crossed!

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Some progress has been made, but no cool pictures.
The entire engine has been dismounted, and I've started to clean the parts.
Getting the block nice and shiney isn't too easy.
Used hot, high-pressure water today, but didn't get any more off.
Any tips, good people?

Also, I have just bought an AEM V2 CAI. Just to make sure everything is good on the way in.
Going through a 60mm TB into an Y8 Performer X, I think it will be good.
(The reason it's for Y8, is that it was available here on the forum. Hope it doesn't make me any problems)

So that's about it for today. Update to come...

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Ok, so here's what I did today:
- Pressed out the piston pins (Check out my special tool, made by a guy at work :) He's good at his stuff!)
- Started preparing the tranny for bead blasting.
- Started cleaning the head. Thinking of bead blasting that too. Any objections?


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sc0rch said:
let me know when you wanna get rid of the spoiler
Sorry, no can-do... I live in Norway, all across the Atlantic ocean.
The parts where ordered from LA, and I won't ship it all the way back...
Unless you pay the whole shipping of course, which will be expencive.

I have hopefully found someone here in Norway with a black coupe like me.
I'm hoping we can exchange parts, body kit for stock parts.
Hopefully I will get his wing-less trunk lid too :)

x:)x <- me crossing my fingers for this deal to be sealed.

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Just thought I'd copy my list of purchased items from the norwegian Club-Honda forum:

D16Z6, with s20 gearbox
P28 ecu
Edelbrock Performer X intake manifold (for D16Y8) with 60mm B-series throttle body
Edelbrock fuel rail (for D16Y8)
DC Sports 4-2-1 header
Supersprint de-cat (probably not my best choice, but I have it...)
GReddy EVOII Cat-back system (Great noise I think!)
ARP Head Studs
Crower stage 2 cam
Crower valve springs and titanium retainers
Edelbrock adjustable cam gear
AEM Tru-Power pulleys
Nippon Racing P29 pistons with Hastings rings
Complete gasket sett for block and head (oem)
New main og rod bearings (oem)
Timing belt, tensioner kit and water pump (oem) (of course this had to be replaced)
Misc. bolts (fly wheel, valve cover) (oem)
Used starter and power steering pump (thanks to STmotorsports here on the forum)

Exedy stage 1 clutch
Fidanza 7lbs flywheel

Rear drum-to-disc conversion (from Integra LS)
Powerslot discs front and rear
Hawk Performance brake pads front and rear
Russel steel-braided brakeline kit

UberrData Modification Kit (for chipping the ecu) and an extra chip (eeprom)
LC-1 Lambda Cable (wideband o2 sensor with controller built into cable)
HondaLog (usb cable to use for datalogging)
Willem 3.1 chip burner

I think that is all.
Now, as soon as I receive the rest of the parts, I wil start assembling the whole thing.
I really look forward to get this together, and almost can't wait.
Have I forgotten anything or something, let me know! Hoping to get some comments/feedback.

That's it for now.
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