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S40 P4A B000 from a D15Z6 an EX trans?

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Hello everyone. I hope you can shed some light on this topic, as I'm having a hard time researching this.

I'm about to buy this S40 P4A B000 transmission from a guy in Germany (I live in Denmark), and i want to make sure Its the short gear version of the B000/ EX, SI trans.
The seller says its from a D15Z6 EK3 (1.5i LS EUDM) 1997, do you know if this specific model came with the short gear trans of the B000?

How do you tell the difference between these B000, if its the short or the long gear version?

It's because they made 2 different B000 trans from what i can understand, one for the HX with long gears, and one for the EX with short gears. i just want to know how to tell the difference.

Best regards Magnus
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The OP is asking how to tell and HX from an EX trans since in the US both use BOOO cases.

Two it first or split it open and count teeth
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