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So i've had a couple of annoying things that i've been putting up with, the first problem has been around since as long as i can remember. The fuel gauge reads way too low, even with a full tank, it'll only read 3/4 full. The second problem only popped its head up after i rebuilt my motor and my Walbro fuel pump seized from sitting. I replaced it with a DW pump which has been going great, but now i notice i get fuel starvation problems when turning left, even with a pretty full tank. Because it's 4wd, i've got a crossover pump that helps equalise the fuel level in each half of the tank. I figure that's probably seized also...

So first thing i do is give voltage to the cross over pump, and the damn thing fires right up and works mint. So next thing i do is pull both pumps out to see what's going on.

To be honest i didn't really notice anything that could be causing my starvation issues. I measured the pickup height and it's kissing the bottom of the tank, the sock is sitting in the factory swirl pot and everything looks like it should, so not sure where to go to from here re: starvation problem.

So i move onto the gauge issue. In my mind, i figured i could just bend the little float arm to make it read higher. Nope. First off, you can see that both pumps have floats. They're wired in serial and the car measures the resistance of both (0-100Ω, 0 being full, 100 being empty) to indicate whether the tank is empty or full. I couldn't get either to read lower than 8Ω's which when added means the closest to 0 (full) the gauge would read is 16Ω. I tried bending the little arm to read lower and any further than 8Ω 's it loses all continuity. I figure i might be able to find a wrecked 4wd wagon with the same units to swap over, but the wagons don't have the dual sender setup, so my chances of finding a replacement are 0. Picture of the crossover pump/sender:

Any thoughts on retrofitting something?

Things i'm going to check with the starvation problem:
  • Cross over motor works, but i didn't check if the harness has voltage with the car running
  • Maybe something with the fuel cut off switch is triggering the pump to stop in heavy cornering.
Feel free to throw ideas at me.
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