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Robster's '94er VX HB project

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Hey there, i'd like to introduce to you my VX projekt hatch!
I bought it in 2006 from an 50year old men who's the first owner and imported it from the US in 1996!

It had the full USDM/CNDM configuration!
- no power stearing
- no power windows
- no power mirrors
- no rear window wiper
- no rear foglite
- no power light ajustmend

but it has
- A/C
- USDM pos.light
- 3. brake light
- double Airbag
- USDM ''gangster lean'' seats
- cup holder
- OEM mudflaps
- USDM tailgate

It came with the ugly OEM blue interiour

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Do you have a sunken floor in your own garage? SiCk!
Very clean hatch man.
@BLK92_D16 : jup and a cable winch on the ceiling:bigok:

Thanks 4 all the love, i promise to keep you updated!

found some more pics


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I swear, I posted in this thread before..... damn, oh well. I love the car. It looks great and it has seen a great deal of upgrade & change.

BTW, that isnt a Mugen lip, its a WWRS as in Wings West RS (Racing Sport) but companies like sell it as a "Mugen" lip.

Again, your car is the tits of Playboy centerfold. Thank you for sharing it with us.
BTW, that isnt a Mugen lip, its a WWRS as in Wings West RS (Racing Sport) but companies like sell it as a "Mugen" lip.
Sorry, changed it!
But its no WWRS lip!! It's from ''Zender'' a reputable manufacturer here in germany and the quality is top! The WWRS lip is missing the ''tongue'' that goes into the center intake of the bumper.
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TurnEd ouT rEAlly Nice!

I'm a fan of the vx/hx rims though..

I would have kept the white on white= ]

Clean Hatch thoUGH..
Some more work from the weekend

Received today some new parts for my engine and wheels
- skunk2 cam gear
- ARP head studs
- Blox fuelpressure regulator

CNC radiused lug nuts for my OEM ITR wheels

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Again some new stuff!

Engine stand

painted the lug's clear red

Spal pusher vents for engine coolant and A/C

Fidanza fly wheel for my frankenstein

Mugen pedal
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I like what you did with the lugs.
Do you have a sunken floor in your own garage? SiCk!
i know someone who has one, but it isn't as nice- its really creepy down there. Plus i'm pretty sure they are illegal around me.
it was about time to get my hatch a little bit louder, so i got myself a straight through 2'' b-pipe with a resonator dummy!

it now has nice deep roar

and by the way i instaled the nwe swaybar brakets i made to have more muffler clearence at the loop bend

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Got bored yesterday and shot some pics of my car with my new birthday pressent ''Canon 500D''.

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that is one nice car you have there.
wish i could have a garage like yours
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B-E-A-U-Tiful! This is one white hatch that gets my approval.
love that lip.
its not mugen,its deeper in the middle.

its not mugen.
You're late, Danny-Boy.
wow looks real good i have vtec-e and i hate it
how did you do upholstery on you seats? looks really nice..
A DIY would be nice.
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