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Robster's '94er VX HB project

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Hey there, i'd like to introduce to you my VX projekt hatch!
I bought it in 2006 from an 50year old men who's the first owner and imported it from the US in 1996!

It had the full USDM/CNDM configuration!
- no power stearing
- no power windows
- no power mirrors
- no rear window wiper
- no rear foglite
- no power light ajustmend

but it has
- A/C
- USDM pos.light
- 3. brake light
- double Airbag
- USDM ''gangster lean'' seats
- cup holder
- OEM mudflaps
- USDM tailgate

It came with the ugly OEM blue interiour

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I changed the rear seats against a VTi (EG6) layout and upholsterd it my self with red/black Alcantara

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After that i painted the 13'' rims white and addet a Mugen style lip, Spoon style mirrors and red/white taillights.

Here are more pics before the conversion:

half a year later the next big thing was the 5-lug conversion

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old vs. new

thats me

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This is the curent stage

- black / red Alcantara seats
- black interior
- plasma gauges
- ITR shift nob
- ITR stearing wheel
- VTI rear section
- custom trunk
- JVC head unit with changer
- 3-way speakers front
- 2-way speakers rear
- Phase Linear Aliante12'' sub
- Alpine 4-way 400W Amp for front
- AudioSystems 700W Amp for sub

- mugen style (Zender) front lip
- Spoon style mirrors
- Bosch Aerotwin wiperblades
- white/red taillights

- stock D15z1
- modified air intake
- red VTEC-e valve cover
- D16z6 4-2-1 header modified collector
- cat 100cpsi
- 50mm mid section
- Mugen style twinloop muffler

suspension / brakes:
- Koni adjustable coilovers -60mm
- SiR sway bars front+rear
- ITR strutbar front
- Mugen strutbar rear
- ITR 5-lug conversion
- ITR brake calliper front + rear
- Ferodo DS Performance pads with OEM disks front 280mm / rear 260mm
- Goodridge stainless brakelines
- ITR brake booster
- Civic EE8 brake distributor valve
- 15'' OEM ITR wheels custom powdercoatet
- 195/50 tire's Hankook V12 evo

future project's:
- black Alcantara head lineing+ABC dome's
- NA frankenstein engine z6 block z1 head z6 IM+TB mild head and port work

Here is my Frankenstein build:
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And i started a mild wire tuck

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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I rewired the head lights straight from baterie and used 2,5mm² wires.
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Very nice man great work you have done here keep it up
wow, i am totally diggin this car! nice job. the 5 lug is ill.
This car is amazing! Keep us updated on your tuck.
Great work, looks real good.
Hot damn! That is nice!!!
that is a very clean car!!!
damn...shits lookin clean....i like the wiring 2 btw
wow, i am totally diggin this car! nice job. the 5 lug is ill.
:td: The whole 5 lug, brakes, and wheels+tires package is working for me. That's one clean hatch!
Thank's 4 all the love fellers!

Clean clean job. Wats next.
Finish the wire tuck:yes: finish my Frankenstein build and when the weather is warmer Alcantara headlining!

@ EJ1 SCRAPPIN: i got the loom from a shop here in germany it's called ''Conrad Elektronik'' its acid resistent and self-extinguishing!
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well this thread certainly gets the Levi seal of approval.
holy shyt, that interior is tits! :td:

so lets see what this thread has in it, ok...

pimp interior = check
clean exterior = check
5-lug swap = check
full coil-overs = check
pit in the garage = check

yup, your thread has BAMF status.

BAMF = bad a$$ mother fuc&er (in case people don't know)
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wow that thing is clean, love the 5 lug
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