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Hello DSO, just here to review the Richporter brand of distributors

I bought a TD-02 distributor from Amazon, and received it about 3 days later, the box was thick, packaged tightly with bubble wrap, it even came with a rotor and cap I opened it up and looked inside, and just as advertised it looked like a brand new distributor, not remanufactured :D all for $115

The colors they used for the wires didn't match the OEM stuff although it was pinned out correctly, and the plugs for the harness were very nice.

the teeth that mesh with the cam broke off after I removed the dizzy while troubleshooting after using this distributor to go mpfi, I just replaced it.

After that I bolted it on, plugged it in and have been driving with this distributor for over a year and about 20k miles in a stock D16Y7 with absolutely no spark problems. I know most people steer away from aftermarket distributors but this one seems to be well made

I give it a 4/5 due to incorrect wire colors and having to replace the teeth on the end.

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