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1999 Civic EX Coupe
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Hi guys,

The car is a 99 ex coupe. D16z6 block / y8 head, vitara pistons, fj rods, arp headstuds, acl bearings, t3/t4 turbo, go autoworks log manifold, ac/powersteering friendly go-autoworks downpipe, open downpipe, tial 38mm external wg, walbro 255, innovate wideband, fuel press, oil press, oil temp gauges, blue top 1g dsm 450cc injectors (with resistors inline), stock honda 1.7 bar map sensor, socketed p28 ecu w/ ostrich 2.0 and crome tuning software. This is a p30 code cut and paste basemap per xenocron instructions. The car idles at 50-52 psi fuel pressure which I know is high. I have the injector sizing in crome set to 417 cc to compensate for the extra fuel pressure.

I am currently shopping for a dyno tuner to eventually take the car to once my 4 bar map and 1000 cc RC injectors arrive. The car runs decent on this base map but I'd like you guys' input on it compared to other base maps you have seen before. At idle the AFR is 14.5-15.0 and under boost it dips to the low 10s. I am concerned about the timing though as I have limited experience in this area. The base timing is set at 14 deg. Comments? Suggestions? Any info is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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