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Hey everyone.

I made a post earlier about my blown z6. It was a project that progressed over the last 3 years: NA P29 (75.5mm) making 158whp. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to enjoy it for long as an exhaust valve broke in cylinder 2 resulting in the destruction of the motor.

I have an ODB2 d15b with a y8 head sitting in the garage as a spare for the last two years. The block is stamped d15b and the head P2J-6 (y8 auto). I'm going to drop it in as a replacement so that I ca quickly get back to the track, but I want to try to swap over a few things and need to confirm my plans with more experienced members. I spent the last 3 years researching for my NA z6 but I'm unfamiliar with the OBD2 d15b.

I would like to swap the z6 stage-4 Rocket Motorsports camshaft, RM valve springs and Ti retainers over to the y8 head. I'm certain that the z6 camshaft and AEM z6 cam-gear can go in as long as it's adjusted 4.5*. Just don't recall if it's advanced or retarded. That's easy enough to find. I'm also certain that the valve springs and retainers can be used in the y8 head. Can someone please confirm?

I will be using the Skunk2 IM I have. The fuel rail I was using in my z6 was from a y8 because prior to the S2 I was using a y8 IM. The injectors are z6. I believe these should also work without issue. Please tell me if I'm wrong. Eventually I'll be installlng the RDX injectors I was planning to use on the z6.

I'll need a new timing belt. I believe the d15b uses the same belt as the VX. I've found a link with all the Honda part numbers for the d15 so that should be no issue.

I'm currently using a chipped P06 ECU which I should be able to use. I don't think there will be an issue using the OBD1 system with the OBD2 motor.

Everything else should simply swap over.

Am I forgetting anything?
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