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Since I did my dome light LED I have been wanting to swap out other bulbs on my DD - LEDs tend to be brighter, they last longer, use less power, etc.

This is my new rear end setup with LED bulbs (minus turns) from and they are worth every penny! The reverse lights are why I bought them - rear / brake are noticeably brighter from stock (to me) but the reverse lights are like night and day difference!

Aftermath video of my upgrade to SBL bulbs - EH9

If you don't have LEDs for you car get them from SBL - the bulbs are the best quality of any automotive LED I have ever seen, they have two (2) year warranty from the invoice date, and they have a year / make / model search to get the right bulbs. Do it now, and won't be disappointed!

Use coupon code XMAS12 for 10% off your entire order!​

To do the rear of an EG minus the turns. Keep in mind these are the second brightest bulbs they offered for the situation:

If you also want to do the dome light:
NOTE: I'm not affiliated with this site in any way, just sharing my awesome experience with a kick ass website. All three of my orders have been flawless with great communication & really cheap expedited shipping. I paid $15 in freight for UPS 2 day on seven (7) bulbs
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