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repair from wreck

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my girlfriend just hit those little poles that go in front of the gas pumps at our local wilco, she has a grand vitara, didnt do to much damage just mostly has the paint off the pole on the car.. i have heard several ways of doing this but what is the best way to just remove the white paint off the bumber, i do have a buffer and are capable of most task so throw all the ideas at me. thanks in advance
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that's almost as worst as hitting a parked car!
I'm pretty sure you just get some compound, and buff it out. If you get a pic up of it, my friend Ryan does body work and I'll be at his place tonight, so I can ask him. It'd be really helpful to see the damage though.
I detailed cars for 8 years ....a pic of the damage would be helpful...

If you can't get a pic.... try some 3m rubbing compound...can't do much damage with it
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