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Hi guys,
So looking for advice about redo suspension for my 1996 EX Coupe for DD and once a week on track ,
Right now everything is OEM on the car and its just dry and womble need to replace everything, thinking to start from bushings and coilovers.
from a quick search found a few stuff but dont really know if its good stuff:
found company named HardRace has Harden Rubber bushings and engine mounts and something called pillowball bushings, cant really understand the difference and what to order
also coilovers found options to order:
bc racing ds series (also bunch of customization there)
D2 Racing

Tein Flex Z

thinking to go with this setup:
No. ProductNo. Description
1HardRace Front Upper Control Arm6129Pillow Ball Equipped 2 PCS/SET
2HardRace Front Lower Control Arm7118Pillow Ball Equipped 2 PCS/SET
3HardRace Front Lower Connecting Rod6247OE Style 2 PCS/SET
4HardRace Rear Upper Arm6113Camber Kit Pillow Ball Equipped 2 PCS/SET
5HardRace Rear Toe Arm6111-SToe Kit Pillow Ball Equipped 2 PCS/SET
6HardRace Rear Lower Control Arm7112-BLKHarden Rubber Equipped 2 PCS/SET Aluminum Body/ED-Black
7HardRace Harden Engine Mount58275 PCS/SET For EK MT/AT Use Racing Version
9HardRace Front Lower Ball Joint62922 PCS/SET OE Style
10HardRace Rear Trailing Arm Bushing6115Pillow Ball Equipped 2 PCS/SET
11WhiteLine Front & Rear Sway Bar KitBHK00927mm fixed front sway bar and 22mm 2 point adjustable rear sway bar
12D2 Racing RS Series CoiloverD-HN-19-RS

hoping the car will feel a lot more responsive after this change
is there anything i need to check before i order this stuff basiclly it fits the car
will be glad to hear your opinions

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Are those tires stretched? All seasons?
Best recommendation would be to get some proper fitting summer tires. Fanstastic upgrade for handling.

Progress coilovers might be an option for you.
not stretched R15/195/55 all season chinease tires
there actually holding pretty good soon being replaced to Proxes
its hard to drive the car because the oem suspension on the car are done and need to be replaced and i have a good deal on the three coilovers i mentioned in the post.

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I run full Hard Race stuff on my built wagon. It works well. I would recommend PCI Spherical RTA bushings, I've run both and prefer the PCI part. Those will make a huge difference. As far as the coil over setup. D2's are decent, but the BC Racing, Progress CS2's or CS3's, or Fortune Auto coil overs will work better for track duty. Honestly, I'd recommend looking at the Progress CS3's so you get rebound and dampening control. They are extremely capable.
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