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I currently built my motor. its built for turbo boost. and finally got it started late at night. the engine ran after I build pressure etc. regapped plugs to turbo about .32 or something like that. I used 10w30 oil and a additive of comp cams additive. I checked for compression with a kinda slow battery. semi charged and got about 150 psi all across 150psi across. 3-4 psi close to each other. I also forgot to open the throttle when checking the pressures. I added fluids and put my snapon pressure coolant tested at 20psi for 10 solid minutes and it passed the leak test. put plugs and started the car it is ok.

it was dark outside but ive noticed some smoke out of the exhaust. I have a straight pipe exhaust to a apexi ws exhaust. I was running my hondata
S300 and the computer self adjusted I checked my gauge and fluxuates around 14.7 afr.. but I noticed white hard to tell smoke. my eyes kinda stings when I go close to the smoke hard to tell at night if what color slightly black or blue??

also I added small amount squarts engine oil inside the bore when I pressure tested/build oil pressure cranking it.
also I have an aem fuel rail and aem fuel pressure regulator that was leaking when cranking building pressure. the fuel pressure reg. was leaking o ring. I changed the o ring. now it does not leak. my fuel pressure regulator is at 60psi fuel rail pressure. I have 550cc rc injectors. and racing fuel pump..

note the exhaust straight pipe minus the turbo downpipe was sitting in the car for about 7 months. I put a rag cover the pipe when the car was sitting for that long. maybe some water got in? or also maybe or idk water went in the gas? car sat for 7 months.

I got my car to run until coolant circulated thermostat tat opened etc and topped off. no signs of bubbles etc. or what not. seems to not overheat etc.

I saw the exhaust inside is wet and water black looking coming out of the tailpipe.

im hoping its just water the car didn't overheat.

also I don't got time to checked stuff and run my car on the road to test...
but im just very worried right now.

is builds smoke like this??? running additives or what not?
also my car is about .002 ptw clearance and rings gapped for boost the head also been pressure tested etc. all flatness surfaces build. etc.

getting worried about the smoke.
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