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Well, I currently have a 2.5-->3 DP and a custom 3" SS exhaust that I made. I have a 3" Catco Catalytic Converter and a Magnaflow SS 3" muffler...

It's too loud! The car attracts too much attention...

I've also been told by my tuner that the catalytic converter won't last because turbo's tend to run too hot and burn them out...

My question is would my exhaust gases be hot enough near the end of the exhaust to make a catalytic converter work in the back.

I ask this because I just picked up a 911 turbo muffler/cat combo. and figure that a 911turbo cat/muffler can handle the power without being too restrictive and will be nice and QUIET!

So this doesn't turn into a no cat vs. cat debate... I love power, but I feel that I need to stay responsible in my quest for power... Car is a built motor with Super 16g turbo at 17-18psi... I tried it again at 12psi this weekend, and it breaks the tires loose in 2nd with a Quaife LSD at 4500 rpm and was making 12 psi at 3800rpm from a +/-2000 rpm roll. It's freaking fast and I love it!
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