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I want to chip two ecus with Real Time Programming

See this --> PGMFI.ORG - Grassroots ECU Development - Library . EasyRtpV10

I have 2 ecu's:

PM7 88-89 non catalic (out to mod)
PM7 90-91 catalyc (in car).

My car is catalyc, if i use the PM7 88-89 will work well with O2 sensor??

Then the second question is about the RTP instructions that are in library, in OBD0 they tells about not cut M5318, only soldering a few cables and cut 2 pins, this modification is for 88-89 or 90-91 OBD0???

Because my 90-91 uses a 27Cxx external rom.

I want to chip each with RTP.

For 88-89 i must follow special OBD0 instructions??
For 90-91 PM7 i must follow OBD1 instructions??

Thanks for help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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