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Re: Supertech pistons for boost

I've had a good run with the D16Z6 pulling near 350whp but, just the other day my t-belt slipped about 3 teeth, valves made contact with pistons, and 2 of the pistons split.. NPR pistons held well up until this, then the reason for not running cast became prevalent. Anywho.. I have just discovered that Supertech makes pistons. From the info I was able to find, there were really no complaints other than ptw clearance debates. Some say the recommendation by the manufacturer were too loose and going by that lead to excessive and annoying slap. This was fairly old info and I'm wondering if anyone may have anything fresh.. You run them, know somebody who runs them, etc.. The price point is astounding for forged pistons and Supertech isn't known for making garbage..
Anyone? Thanks in advance!
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