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hello everybody,
i got a d15b dual Vtec motor in my 1988 honda civic ex, in my country it the car came with a d13 carby engine so got it swaped, kind of got it all rebuild. well the help which i need is:

1. how can i be sure if my both Vtecs are working?
2. i got a S40 transmission on somebody's advice but my gears are super long, my 1st gear ends up around 95km/hr and 2nd reaches to around 135km/h and they go slow.

the cut-off hits at around 7400 but the engine sounds like exploding around 6500 and i change the gear fearing the engine will blow. the car lags in the fourth gear and starts missing and then it goes again but i never finish my fourth gear and the rpm goes dead slow at 5800 and still screaming like its going to blow....
the short video is here for refferance....(i floor the paddle in second gear, end in the start of 4th gear) want to shorten the gears, some say that my vtecs are not working bcoz of which the rpm goes slow... help me out
ECU is P2J, obd2 wirring
YouTube - yasir's 88 civic inside video while tests
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