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So I intalled a y8 intake manifold onto my y7, I used a y8 TB and fuel rail but y7 injectors and am using the y7 ecu.

I did the 3 wire to 2 wire IACV Pinout Change and changed the plug, and checked it about 1000 times. Now the thing is that it doesn't make a difference whether or not the IACV is plugged in.

THe idle is about 1300-1700 rpm and is very rapid in hunting or surging. I have listned for a vacume leak but could hear nothing.

The car is only throughing the IACV code P1509 I cannot figure it out why it is doing this can you not use the stock p2e ecu and do the 3-2wire IACV conversion?

Anybody with something to add
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