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After watching some youtube videos, I got a couple Dayton audio transducers/exciters, which are basically a speaker without a cone, and stuck them to the back side of my headliner in my CRX. I am quite impressed with them, and they are definately the best bang for the buck audio upgrade I have done.

They are also super light and cheap, so if you have a race car, or something you really want to keep light, but want some audio, they would be a good choice if you are keeping your headliner. I am really curious what they would do if you stuck them on the outside of a racing helmet.

I got the 40w version, as their bass response looks like it hangs on a bit lower, and I am driving them each with 50w, but it is my understanding the 24w ones are pretty nice too.

I removed my jute padding strips on my headliner and put both of them near the middle of the headliner a bit in front of my head, but I highly suggest leaving on the jute padding, at least for the 40W versions, and spreading them out, either mirrored on each side towards the doors, or about equadistant from the drivers ears.

24W version:

40W version:
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