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so my plan thus far is to achieve about 275-300WHP in a z6 with some eagle h-beams, SRP pistons, stock head gasket and stock sleeves, as well as a Action 2KS clutch.
i have neglected any head work cause ive read that many guys have built their cars with completely stock heads and have made more power than what i hope to acheive.

my plan is to race on weekends (either drag or auto x) so would a stock head be able to handle the heat of racing with that kind of power?
i have not yet chosen a turbo for my setup that is on the back burner as this build needs to be completed soon, im thinking about going with a cheaper setup like that Godspeed Project kit that RS Machines is selling or a HMT if that doesnt work well.

so question is should i be upgrading my valvetrain for this application?
what if i stayed off the track and just stayed on the streets would a stock head be sufficient?

damn this was only supposed to be a straight swap and now it has ballooned way out of control! and also burned a huge ass hole in my pocket at the same time lol :shocked:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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