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hey guys,
i have an EJ1 and the passenger side window all of a sudden will not roll up but it rolls down. now that it's all the way at the bottom, i can hear the motor click or moan or whatever it does that's normal but it will not go up. One funny thing is that when i try to roll it down with the driver's side control, it does not click or whatever it does.

so from my understanding, the blue/green and blue/yellow wire to the passenger side coming from the drivers side switch controls the power to the pass. motor? how does the switch reverse the motor polarity to roll the window back up?

do i need to get a new drivers side switch? (the drivers side window works perfectly). when i first got the car, it did the same thing but we jiggled some wires at the connection in the drivers door and has worked ever since but now it's dead.
What should i check for continuity and 12v?

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