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Quieter/No rasp exhaust

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got a 96 ex, with a no name cat back on it, raspy as hell, and loud on longer trips, gets annoying. looking for it to quiet and no more raspiness. throw some names out for me everybody, thanks :)
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resonator. a.k.a. glasspack. stick one of those under there and the raspiness will go away and make it much quieter. i use a 36" glasspack with an obx twinloop. quiet as stock.

thats why we are here.
I would also concur about running as long a resonator/glasspack as you can. It really quiets things down. If you want a more stock looking muffler that is quiet but flows better than stock, got for a Dynomax Superturbo muffler. They are also quiet and not expensive.
i had a 60" but i cut it back to 36". it was too quiet.


+1 on the muffler
yes the dynomax superturbo souns better, im currently in the process of boosting and should be done by spring, hopefully...twin loop doesnt seem it would work to well on FI
and all i can find for a longer resonator than the 18 inch vibrant, is the dynomax glasspack that is 30 and 40 inches, i think thats what ryan said would work earlier
A dynomax race bullet muffler really takes the edge off.
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rsr catback with a magnaflow high flow cat = perfect volume and tone with slight backpressure... air baffle muffler design, no resonator packs. sounds great.
Yea i heard the dyno max piece was amazing, im going n/a though so its a twinloop for me. Not to hijack but BigTuna are you running the bisi cam? nobody is and i wanted to see reviews. Its gotta be better than the delta i mean bisi rolls in a honda.
rsr exmag
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X3 but the Apexi World Sport is probably one of the quieter exhuasts systems I have ever heard. My friend has the RSR version of the WS and mine is still quieter than his, but with his you can have a rear sway. The WS you can't well at least on a EG hatch you can't with out making modifications to the piping which I am NOT going to do.
i'm going to run the twin loop with a magnaflow inline muffler. I plan on going turbo too and I think it will work great.
i went with a dynomax superturbo and with a vibrant ultra silent 14 inch res.
i think anything with a thinner sidewall and >2.25 would make the sound alot more raspy, since there is much more surface to "ping" off from. OEM cat with a thicker custom exhaust, with 2 big resonators and a twin loop, or a magnaflow.
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