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Well as you may or may not know... My car was going to be turbo'd. But I decided against it, pending possible sale/trade. I'm keeping it and doing the EK front + turbo again. I probably won't be using the turbo parts I was before,(which I still could) which included a small turbo that fully spooled by 2500 RPM's. I don't want a 7000 RPM quick car...I need a 10000 RPM fast car.

Set up I'm thinking of: (Not getting into details)

Port head
Port Intake Manifold
Crespo STAGE 5 cams/springs
LS rods
Balance crank/Polish
P2P Pistons
Long runner equal lenth turbo manifold (here's where a question comes in)
Replacing my DOHC ZC tranny 3.88 FD with 4.25 Si FD.

What flange should I have on the manifold, and what turbo should I run that should be a late spooler (4-5K), and should make HP after 9000 (the cams powerband) on the 1590 cc's of the ZC?
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