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Question Regarding Dual CHIP Setup...

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Before I begin, let me state that I actually have a valid reason for all of this.

I've never been impressed by 2-Timers, two maps on a 512 chip, etc. I have tried a few different 2-timers that rely on one chip. And more often than not, something gets corrupted or starts acting up later. Or the 2-Timer itself starts acting up. I always end up with one map back in the ECU.

I was thinking about how to remedy this since it will be above freezing temps here for the next two months or so. I began searching for dual CHIP setups. Or even dual chip breadboard that I could make myself. Instead of 2-timing two maps on one 512 chip, I just want to run two chips with an A/B switch on it. Easy enough, right? Well, I started searching and I'm not finding what I need so easily.

What I'm visualizing would basically look like this -

Circuit component Green Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic engineering

No BS. Simple and to the point. Manual switch on the breadboard. No frills. No wires. Two chips. Straight up.

So the question is -

Does anyone know of anyone making something like this that doesn't want an absurd amount of
money? And if not, does anyone know where I could pick up the appropriate breadboard to build

You may be wondering why I am looking to do this. If you are interested, read on.

My stock o2 sensor gets very good mileage. It's the same tune with the stock o2 sensor enabled. However, it stuffs up my tune. Noticeably. Running the stock o2 sensor has always done that on this car. Even after trying multiple o2 sensors and tweaking things endlessly. It's just something that happens to be. Regardless of tuning program.

My wideband sensor (AEM X-Series / Bosch 4.9) opens the car right up. It feels great. On the same tune. Again - After endless tweaking, it is just something that happens to be. However, with all these endless tweaks, it still wants to run just a hair more rich during acceleration and during the adjustments it is making when freeway cruising. Where the stock o2 goes a little leaner and adjusts, the wideband goes a little richer, then adjusts. It just does.

I have my o2 sensor(s) wiring set up for fast switchover from wideband to narrow. And vice versa. If I can
switch to my narrow band tune before getting on the freeway, I will be golden. Without dealing with the 2-Timer BS.

Points in any valid direction would be greatly appreciated.
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That would be cool, but at that point why not just do something like a Demon or Hondata, other than trying something different?
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