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Question for transrex or anyone else

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There was a lighten flywheel post awhile back. Transrex had some pictures of the do it yourself machine the stock one down to make it light. I just did a clutch in my chums ef and realized that the contact patch for the clutch was recessed from the mounting surface of the pressure plate.

From those pictures it looked like it was one level right accross. Just wondering if it has to be recessed of if it is no bit deal. I have a lathe at work and a couple of flywheels laying around. Would like to DIY one before this season. Just wondering about that!
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the one he had pictured was the back side of the flywheel those shaving that will not effect the engagement of the clutch. now on the clutch side there is supposed to be a step up where the pp bolts to the fly wheel. any machine shop will have the specs and can fix it for you.
Cool. I have the factory manuals, it should say in there?. And I just get the machinist at work to do it as a government job in trade for another government job I already did for him!
Skip the ghetto lightening and buy a proper flywheel. Unless your willing to risk car, life, and limb if it gives out.
^^^^^^ I think I like his idea the best!
i read a few bad things about lightened flywheels, im sticking with a stock flywheel just resurfaced
The flywheel won't be seeing alot of miles. Just some abuse. And I am not running crazy HP numbers either so it should be fine!
Horsepower, torque, and use don't matter! Rev's kill. Google "Don Garlitz Foot"
7200 rpm two step. That is it!

Watch that first, and think about how your engine and transmition sit.

If that's not enough then check this out:
That is shitty. But yah only hitting 7200 rpm. Buddies Mazda sounded like he revved it to 5768497685rpm. HAHA. I was reading around here about that ebay xtd flywheel clutch kit. Cheap which is good for me. I am not spending a fortune for a weekend bracket racer.
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