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i decided a few months ago to go over to the darkside so i put together and ls turbo setup in my newly aquired 89 crx hf. long story short i now hate b series so im gonna go back to sohc...

the new goal with this setup is to be reliable and last me at least until next year. dont worry pics will come soon enough.

this is what i have so far.
d15b2 180k, pulled from an auto dx hatch by myself, ran perfect i trust it because my last b7 had 270k and i beat the hell out of it on 9psi basemapped for a solid 6k and its still driving around today.
hf manifold with adapter plate
cable dx tranny
91 si intake manifold setup
2.5" turbo back with turbo muffler
dsm 450cc blacktops
dsm bov
eg half rad
vdo boost gauge, apexi timer, apexi vafc
chipped obd0 pr4 running turboedit (running my ls now)
stainless lines
starion fmic
255lph pump already installed

heres what im thinking of ordering
xtd stage 3 6 puck
fresh 14b turbo
si tranny???
ebay hks ssqv
ebay fmic and ditch the starion
some time of cam or at least a d16a6 cam

ive run cable si trannies before but since i already have the dx i figure why not use it, are they that much longer?

ebay hks ssqv, heard they sound just like the real thing can anyone back this up?

also has anyone run both the 14b and a .42 .48 t3? last time i turboed a d15 i ran the t3 and i loved it! how does the 14b compare on a sohc?

got a reccomendation for a cam?

lastly my goal is to make a nice safe 175whp on 10psi or less tuned on turbo edit.

heres a pic of my current setup. also dont hate on the xsp manifold, ive rewelded it more times then i can count.

current setup is:
91 B18A1, 92 LS tranny
fidanza flywheel
act 4 puck disc
exedy stage 1 pressure plate
avid mounts/linkage (garbage)
energy suspension shifter bushings
eg half rad
xspower manifold
garrett .48 .60 t3 adjustable oil restrictor
starion fmic
dsm bov
chipped pr4 with turboedit, dsm 450cc blacktops, 255lph pump

as for the car itself its painted gsr purple.
bronze gsr sunflower wheels with 205-50-15 nankangs and pink lugs!
ebay coilovers
91 dx gray seats to get rid of the ugly shot ass hfs
95 jetta front lip sexy
dx 6.5k redline tack cluster

i blew it up or some shit, has 130ish comp in all cyls. bought a hg and some arps to try and fix the problem but i think im giving up on it all together. yes some might consider this a downgrade but im in this for fun, if i wanted to really go fast id ditch the honda. ;)

should be a lot faster then it is, plus i miss my sohc. in the meantime while the b2 is boosted in the car i want to throw some vitaras and some rods in a 1.6 block. theres a pretty a6 block at the pick n pull just crying my name.

anyways consider this my build thread and give me some feedback.

ill have pics of the build probably this weekend once i start working on it.

ps - its glad to be home.

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:shocked: Does your engine run hot?? Just wonderin. I have never seen a slanted radiator b4! ;) But being in NY I guess it doesnt matter, as cold as it is there you could weld fins to the block and head and go air-cooled!! :D
Welcome back! ;)

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nope doesnt run hot, once i get the d15 in i can fix the rad. its only like that for downpipe clearnace issues, plus my fan is always on.
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