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As many of you know, I've had multiple suspension/alignment issues with my car.
Starting with the toe in the rear passenger side being "toed out" and wasn't able to be brought in to spec. So I bought blox adjustable rear toe links. Well took it to get an alignment, thought all was good for a while!

Well I started noticing my tires were wearing a little uneven still, not nearly as bad as it was. But I could still see it for sure.

I was on my way home from work one night, and I noticed every time that i let off the gas that my car would pull to the right. Pulls to the right pretty hard at higher speeds, noticeably at 70mph or higher.

The thing that threw a red flag for me is the fact my steering wheel did not budge an inch, both hands were on the wheel and the ONLY variable that had changed was the fact I would let off the gas. Not knowing much about suspension/transmissions to begin with, I thought maybe because of an open diff that it would pull slightly to either left or right when I was engine braking. So I let off the gas and quickly pulled the car out of gear. Pulls to the right still, but not nearly as fast as if it were in gear.

While pulling to the right, I thought I'd experiment a little and just press the gas again, and I did. It straightened itself back out pretty decent, again without me having to move the steering wheel any at all.

Does anybody have any suggestions on where to start, or if others have had an issue similar to this? When I search things similar to pulling to the right, it always comes back to an alignment issue, which i can understand. But the weird thing is the steering wheel stays stationary when it pulls..
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