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wow...heres whats going on.

car is a 91 ef hatch, DX
motor is d16y7
head is a Z6
used my factory engine harness, ran additional wires for fuel injectors, the two extra dizzy wires to put my new z6 dizzy in, and two extra wires for my 4 wire o2 sensor. simple enough right?

well i read several writeups on converting from obdo to obd1, decided i had the skill level to use a friends jumper harness as a guide and cut my obdo plugs off my cabin harness one at a time, and solder on my obd1 plugs from a donor car, again, simple enough, get ready to start, i have no spark, i guess between looking at his jumper harness and the diagram i had (which turned out to be upside down and backwards) i got more than a few wires wrong, SO i ordered a jumper harness and in the mean time i cut the obd1 plugs off that i soldered on, and replaced them with my factory obdo plugs, solder them on and heat shink them, same shit, not sure WTF is going on tho, fuel is getting there...air is there...motor needs suck,bang,blow and im not gettin any bang! i hooked my dizzy wires up color for color on my obdo harness and ran the additional two wires into the ecu, b15 and b16 i believe. still not getting spark! if i dont get it running in the next few days it's either for sale or heading to a shop for them to figure out. any ideas/suggestions? a pinout of the dizzy would help greatly
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