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Project WorpedSol

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I figured I would post up my build here to. As a few people have asked me to. For the most part and the beginning I will pull everything from the build on my local forum.

I'm building a 93 Del Sol Si with d16z6. I bought the car back in Sept of '10. I was originally just goin to be a car for the wife to DD. A few weeks after gettin it we were on the way back from Tulsa and the tranny went out just the other side of OK border. Got it back and put a new s20 tranny in it. I think its a ex tranny. It came out of a 95 Civic with a z6 in it. It had some major oil leaks that I took care of while I was in there. Long story short wife decided she didnt like it as much anymore and wanted somethin else. I inherited the Sol. I had it for a while. While i was upgradin parts on my eclipse I was having all these turbo partsd layin around and was gettin tempted to turbo it. Well the day came and it got turbo'ed. I ran it for about 3000 or 4000 miles with the turbo at 10psi. Keep in mind it already had 250k on it before the turbo. Well I was goin down the freeway with a Eclipse 420a motor in the trunk(yes it fit with the trunk shut0. A car in the fast lane was in front of me so I dropped it a gear and went around and when I shifted to 5th I heard a pop. It was missin real bad when I got off the freeway. Found oil on the plug on #2 cylinder. Could pull the plug wire or inj plug and the miss wouldn't change. Tried new plugs same thing. Well time came for a rebuild. So I started ordering parts.

UPDATED Build specs:

JE/SRP 9.0:1 Pistons w/ JE rings 75mm
Eagle H beam rods
Stock Crank
ACL Race bearings
RC Autoworks Mini Ram
Holset H1c
Tial 38mm WG
Custom 3" turbo back
3" Forced Performance down pipe
Cometic 5 layer HG
Bosch 600cc inj
Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge
Wally 190 lph (had brand new one layin around)
-6AN fuel line
Precision Turbo FMIC
Greddy BOV
HKS EVC-S Dual stage boost controller (new style)
Chipped p28 tuned with Crome Dealer w/ Gold package (may end up tuning with Neptune)
Moates Ostrich 2.0
Moates Extreme Hulog
Moates Burn1
Innovate LC-1 w/ XD-16 stand alone kit
GM 3bar map
2.5" IC pipe
ARP Head studs
60mm TB w/ port match z6 intake
ACT Extreme Clutch kit 6 puck solid hub with 2600lb pressure plate
Moroso deep sump oil pan
Aluminum 2 core radiator
Mishimoto hoses
JIC Majic FLT-A1's
Aluminum LCA's with new ES urethane bushings
GSR rear sway (will upgrade later)
Nuespeed front and rear camber kit
Goodridge SS brake lines
B&M Pro shifter
Custom catch can with all -10AN fittings

I'm also debating on a y8 ani and a B or H series tb to go with it. A slight PnP on the head just to clean things up and make it flow a bit better. I'm also goin to add a catch can and remove the black pcv box on the back of the motor.

I am goin to post a link to my photobucket album as there are a shit ton of pics.

Photo Link
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looks good
You can go through and match up the pics with the work bein done. This is my first Honda build. Turbo Honda build that is.

Feb. 02
Motor out and in the computer room/office. The wife loves that part. I remember showin her pics of a guy buildin the motor in the house months ago and she said I would kill you if you ever thought about that. Now look where its at. Lol. I'm goin to tear into it tomorrow. Figured I would do the messy part when shes not here so she dont see it, and I can have it cleaned up before she gets home.

I was wrong the turbo is a Garrett model TB0322 60trim .60 ar comp .63 compressor. It is from a early T-bird.

Feb 03
I just used this compression calculator. It shows with the Cometic hg my comp drops from 8.98 to 8.0. Didn't really want or think it was goin to be that low. Still higher than 1g turbo dsm stock comp. Theirs are 7.8:1

Got to tear into the motor today. Found a burnt valve on #3 cylinder. The cylinders look good though. Time to hone it and install rotating assy. Have to find some valves. Anyone got any layin around?

Got the motor ripped down and cleaned up. Wash it in the kitchen sink. Kinda sad my motor will fit in the sink and my dog wont.

Feb 05

Man setting these ring gaps are tedious. 0.017, 0.019, 0.021. Bore is set at 2.955 with a PTW of 0.0040-0.0045. I set the PTW according to JE's paper work that they sent with the pistons. This was also verified on their website. 0.0030-0.0035 plus 0.001-0.0030 for turbo, supercharged, nitrous, and endurance vehicles. As soon as my buddy drops my ring compressor back off I will be installing pistons and rings. Already clearanced the block for the rods today. Honed the cylinders got a nice 45* to 50% crosshatch. Recleaned the block after notching and honing were done. Been a long tedious day today.

Feb 09

Buddy finally dropped off my ring compressor so I was finally able to assy the bottom end. Had to notch my griddle cause my ARP's where hitting it.
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Thanks man.
Wow, excellent work so far. Looks like you are making progress quickly. Can't wait to see the results.
Yeah everything is on hold til my new valves get here along with my gasket set.
worpsol, where did you get your gasket set from just out of curiosity?
I ordered it from a guy on honda-tech. It was still in the package. Why you want it and got a thinner one?

Well since I am waiting on parts I decided to start a wire tuck today.

Edited on 2/25 Just realized you asked where I got the set from not the hg. I ordered a decent set from ebay. Im not usein gthe hg or oil pan gasket from it so wasnt to big of a deal. Actually came with decent seals and o-rings. All the seals like cam, rear main, and oil pump seals where all NOK seals and the valve stem seals where Viton Seals.
The gasket set and HKS evc-s are both supposed to be here tomorrow. ARP's and Air Research t3 ship out tomorrow. Valve came in was wrong one sent back and new wont be here til the 21st. Pickin up a b20 tb and gsr rear sway this weekend. Still havent decided y8 or z6 mani yet. Prob just goin to stick with the z6 for now til I can get somethin better like the S2, Edelbrock, or etc.
It's been a while since I posted in here been busy buildin the motor and researching things. Thought I would post some updates.

First pics show where my rod bolts where hittin the griddle:

Here are some pics of the bottom end together:

Here is the 60mm tb mounted:
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Here are a few of the z6 intake after being ported and polished to 60mm on tb side:

Here is the block with the ARP's installed:

Intake mani most of the way together. B20 tb, DSM 510cc inj, waitin on Xenocron 3 bar map & B&M AFPR to get here.

Here is what I have done tonight.

Turbo arrived today. Ordered a rebuild kit for it. Found out the Edelbrock turbo mani is NOT a t3 flange. So its either sell the Edelbrock and go ram horn or build a adapter flange.
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Sounds like fun, It's comming together now :bigok:
Waiting on turbo rebuild kit, have to figure out what I wanna do with the mani and plum the turbo and a mini wire tuck.
Nice work so far!
Just wondering, what are those injectors off?
the ones on there are DSM 510cc inj from a Evo 3. They have been sonic cleaned. They will be for sale once my 720cc get here.
Well I figured since I was waiting on parts still I would do a mini tuck this evening.

Here are a few before pics:

Here are the after shots:

As far as flipping the boost to put the hose on the bottom is it as simple as just unbolting it and flippin it back over and your done?

I know I am working on fixing the pass side inner fender well.
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Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

I will be sand blasting after cleaning the engine bay and repainting it before the motor goes back in.
Rebuilt the turbo today. Have to build the adapter plate for it tomorrow unless mani sells. then It will be mocked up. Ordered a new drain line last night and a FMIC today.
Looks like this is the mani I am goin to end up goin with its just goin to be like 2 weeks before I can do it.

I could build t he thing from scratch myself just dont know how I feel about custom building a collector. I may give it a try anyways as I do have a 20ft stick of tube just layin here. I know I can do the flanges without a prob and can get the elbows locally for 8ea.

Still waiting on my new drain line to get here as well as my front mount.

The front mount is the Precision Turbo 350hp fmic.

If the guy still has it when I get the money in a week or so then I am goin to get a decent ic pipe set.

I will also be cutting my own 5 bolt exhaust flange. I have a plasma here at the house to cut all my flanges with.

I also have a small sand/media blaster here. Just have to get new dry sand as mine got wet.
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use baking soda it should work just as good as the sand and its water soluble and more eco friendly.

other then that looking good, what color are you going with on the engine bay?

also must be nice to have a plasma cutter at your disposal
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