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So After my 4Door Eg got stollen last month and recovered with the smell of meth coated into the seats i decided to sell it for 2G it was just time to finally say good bye. Now that i have insurance money plus my car money and tax money built up and im carless im at loss as what to do next.

Not knowing if im going back into the honda world with how much theft gose on in the area of them i decided to give it a month to save up money and play with a new project to see if it sparks the fire it use to.

So im picking up a 98 EK coupe tommorow morning , my goal for the car is to put time and a little money into it and re sell it by mid april to buy possibly a newer civic or some other project.

So this the details
1998 HX Coupe Silver
HX rims
tinted windows
pinoeer stereo with blue tooth
offbrand alarm
Price 3800
talked down to 3000$

So my goal is to put 250$ into this and flip it for 3800

The list of to do is as followed
Painted bronze HX rims
Red calipers
Dropped on ebay springs
short shift kit
and Si Exhaust
possibly black housed lights(ebay sells them fogs and grill for 100$)
and also possibly window visors

So tell me what you guys think and any suggestions
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