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ok, let me get a lil fancier =)

prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

you will need
1 package asparagus
1 tub herb cream cheese
1 package prosciutto
lemon juice

take your asapargus and wash it throughout, cut or bend the stalk till you see the weakest part of the asparagus, this is where you cut it. keeping the floret and the good part of the stem. ( i used a carrot peeler to take some of the skin off, so they would be for sure tender)

seperate your prosciutto and spread a lil layer of cream cheese over the entire slice.

take a couple pieces of asparagus (2-3) and roll it up tight in the prosciutto, repeat untill you are done.

now put them on a cookie sheet and start your oven. 350 or so.

now take your lemon juice and squeeze some lemon over all the asparagus, add some fresh ground black pepper and salt and cook until the asparagus is cuttable with a fork.

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