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hey everyone,
I'm new here and it seems like an awesome forum so I hope you guys can help me out.

I own a Honda civic 2001 ES (European version, 4 door sadan), 1.6L
ES56 to be exact
engine model: D-16-W-7
automatic, 110HP

Recently I got an the following error code (image attached):
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So I concluded it's a problem with the EGR valve. here's a closeup photo:
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I went to the autoshop and the mechanic tried to clean it up with no luck so still the error code persisted.
Now I thought the next move would be to change the valve with a new one.

on the valve in the picture it says: SIEMENS EE01 338335
so I started to search for the exact model with no luck (all the EGR valves I found looks exactly the same, just with a diff model number (338335) )

those are the EGR valves I found:



Regarding the second one, I sent a question to the manufacturer and he answered it fits my car but I'm still not sure, because it seems like those Chinese will say yes to anything as long as you buy.

Can anyone tell me which valve fits my car?

thank you in advance
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