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ok well I had a D15B2 in my car originally ran perfect...sold it cause I needed some cash (really needed it) I had a D15B7 I got 4 free off of this kid, it was burning "oil" I never saw the motor run but a friend had and told me it burned I put it in ran it and yeah it burned oil and it was oil...I did a compression test it was like 185 180 170 180, I bought rings...honed the cylinders....start it up still burning but it sounded better...Valve stem seals.... still burning...but it wasnt smoked constantly, idle,crusing,full throttle...I was like what the hell... I replaced the head gasket....still buring...idk what the hell its is...I thought it was oil but my oil level doesnt go down at all, I dont think its coolant...its just white and it lingers in the air...I have no cat in my exhaust... the cylinders are round and in spec the valve movement in the guides is ok and in spec the head and block are flat and not warped...the only thing I can think of is there is something in the gas? Im going to put gas in it 2morow as I ran it out today cause it was past the E and just waited for it to stall...I dont drive the car...but I need to soon so I want to get what ever its burning undercontrol...Im stumped, outsiders view?
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