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hey guys im gonna try and start a build here i just started pricing out parts im working with a a6 block and jdm d15b vtec head here is what i got so far any sugestions i wanna go with ITB's too.

d16 engine parts and prices


Valve Springs
68180-16 (D-Series VTEC) $164.49

87096-16 Titanium Retainers for D16Z/D16Y $191.94

Springs + Titanium retainers: $360

97403I-8 D16Z/Y SOHC VTEC - Intake valve with stock head diameter (30.5mm). $142.40
97403E-8 D16Z/Y SOHC VTEC - Exhaust valve with stock head diameter $142.40
97404I-8 D16Z/Y SOHC VTEC - Intake valve with .5mm oversize diameter (30.5mm). Set includes 8 pcs $142.40
97404E-8 D16Z/Y SOHC VTEC - Exhaust valve with .5mm oversize diameter (26.4mm). Set includes 8 pcs $142.40

Level 1, regrind: 0.390/0.410 (230/230) $347
Level 2, regrind: 0.430/0.440 (250/250) $347

Honda P29 get off ebay or

like i said this is just what i started looking at any info you guys have i would apreciate it

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if you are going to do regrounds, delta is a lot cheaper.

$90 for a 282. I believe its somewhere around 215 @ .050 with .400"

They also have a 292 . . .

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itbs are easily found on ebay.. stick with honda ones aas they are easier to adapt... others work but require more work to do so with sensors etc...
grab a bare sohc im and chop it, get some silicone hose and clamps.. put them ont he itbs...

bisimoto doesnt work with vtec heads, your limited to crower, zex, exospeed, and akmee

your also going to need extensive tuning.. and if you going all out get a GOOD header (smsp, bisi)

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Talk to a reputable engine builder and/or machine shop and get some prices on required machine work/assembly so that you can better budget the build. This stuff adds up FAST and may cost you as much as all the parts you listed. Also, dont forget all the internal little parts that may need to be replaced. Oil/water pump, bearings, seals, gaskets etc.

Like i said, it's all the small things that kill your wallet in the end. Overbore, valve seats, guides, etc. $100 here, $200 there etc. and before you know it, you spend $3-4K on a build...

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i bought a the motor that was put together in hondatuning magazine. it was built seeing what the cost would be to match ther performance of a b16 swap. it was completed spending only $1000. that does not take in account labor and machine work though i dont think. they used

zc pistons
z6 head
skunk2 intake manifold
68mm tb
cam gear
y8 header

it made 148whp. just to give you an idea. the less you hurry, the better prices you will find on things.

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