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I've never heard of putting prelude brakes on the rear wheels.

although anything can be done, as long as you have the tools and time.

It's fairly common to run the 11" prelude rotors or VW Corrado G60 11" rotors up front w/ Acura NSX or Legend Calipers. You'll need Integra or EX hubs to fit the caliper over the 11" rotor. Also some machining of the caliper braket is nessesary, and redrilling the prelude rotors, the corrado uses a 4x100 bolt pattern.

for the rear, you should be able to fit most civics up. I've never messed with modifying rear brakes before though.

That's 11" prelude rotors redrilled (the earliest VTEC model) and Acura Legend Calipers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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