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While my car was apart i decided to go with 10 inch front brakes, and lacking the correct knuckles i decided that i wold go with the calipers from 11inch rotor cars the prelude, accord wagon and type-r.

To do this I would need calipers, brackets and pads from the donor 11 inch brake car, along with ten in rotors. I would also need to mill the brackets OR use spacers.

In my case I put new longer wheel studs on, and used a 3mm spacer inside the rotor and a second 3mm outside the rotor.

The Powerstop kit I purchased was powder coated red calipers and their street performance pads. It all looked great in the box, but once I put them on and attempted to bleed the system I found they neglected to install a piston sealing ring on one side, so I went and got a rebuild kit to rebuild the rebuilt calipers.
Got it all installed, bled it, and due to the larger pistons in the calipers I do have long travel before brakes take up.

Went for a drive and horrible grinding noise. Turns out oen caliper had a 23t or 25t bracket and the other a 28t bracket. The caliper bracket and my wheel had already started to self clearance so I got the grinder out and finished it.

I contacted tech support with powerstop, they were nice, apologetic, and worthless.

If I was to do it again i would just stick to parts store calipers.
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