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I have a d16 block bored to 76mm with YCP Vitaras and eagle rods
a d15b7 head decked down to 34.60cc using a z6 intake and throttle body

static compression is roughly 7.75:1

turbo is a Holset HX35 with the BEP .70A/R housing
exhaust manifold is a cast log style with the WG on the single runner.
injectors are Gram 550cc
tuning is s300v3

my tuner made me change to 1000cc ID injectors saying the 550s were not sufficient enough.

at 21psi the car is making 268WHP on a dynojet closed cell with climate control.

i feel this build SHOULD be making at least 300 on pump gas but i could be very wrong.

he said my limiting factors are the cam in this head, intake manifold size, exhaust manifold and the head. he said i cannot achieve 300whp with this current set up i have.

im just curious how far off 268whp is from people who have similar builds and what everyones opinion is on this? im not sure if that is accurate information and i just want some expert knowledge

thanks guys
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