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Per Dr. Talon's recommendation, I realized you probably COULD lose weight from the floor mats!
Previous owner installed these sick Batman rubber floor mats, which I realized were hella heavy:

Road surface Grey Glove Flooring Floor

So, I figured, there'd be no harm in buying some "EF" floor mats to clean up the interior a little bit? The cops can't see the logo, so they won't know it's counterfeit. (How many know that they're not actually EF civics?)
Car Gear shift Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle

Interior looks MUCH better now.
More importantly, the carpeted mats weigh TWO POUNDS LESS than the rubber mats. (2 lbs vs. 4 lbs)
This is extreme weight loss when referenced to "drilling holes out of support brackets."

In all honesty, I'm buying a bunch of parts for a major job coming soon, and I'm working on another car that is relatively time - sensitive. I wanted a cheap easy buy that had a noticeable "quality of life" improvement. This seemed to do the trick.

Onwards to more weight savings!
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