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lol u know it looks like if u would of cut a better light u prob would have won,MIGHT HAVE WON I ran high 14s i think it was 14.8 i owuld post a slip if i had a cam sorry man.btw if u get fuel controller it will help u out alot trust me

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I ran the 15.6 @88 mph

The car next to me was an eclipse that blew my doors off! Not bad for my first time ever at the track and a stock clutch and flywheel that wont grab at high rpm's to save my life! They just slip and thats why I missed breaking into high 14's low 15's. Thats the next upgrade.

Here is my setup:

1995 DOHC ZC
LSD Equipped ZC Transmission
Thermal R&D Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust
DC Sports Specially Ported Ceramic Header
OBX Stainless Steel Cat Converter
Cold Air Intake
JG Engine Dynamics Ported/Polished Intake Manifold
JG Engine Dynamics Ported/Polished Throttle Body
WEB ZC Spec Camshafts
JUN ZC Cam Gears
Aftermarket KevlarTiming Belt
NGK Wires
NGK Iridium 4 Spark Plugs
OBX Front Strut Tower Bar
Matrix Rear Strut Tower Bar
Suspension Techniques Front/Rear Anti-Sway Bars
Prothane Bushings
Tokico Illumina Adjustable Shocks
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with guage
Mugen Chipped ECU
B&M Short Throw Shifter
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