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my dd has 1800 ftlbs of torque
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pic selects 10/8
chopped front strut forks lowered 1/4 in so I could preload springs more
ceramic front brakes
all es bushings even front lcas
itr rear sway with custom mounting bracket and adjustable endlinks
custom rear tie bar
2 custom rear strut bars
3 point strut bar
custom uca brace made a world of difference took an ebay strut bar and cut the ends off other than the one hole and fit perfectly
lower h brace
arp extended studs
those evo onstar antenna things
nitto neogens 205 50 15
15x7.5 +30 wheels

before it got rusty


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Koni Yellow OTS
GC / Eibach 500F/450R
ASR 32mm Hollow Rear Sway Bar and Mount, Spherical Endlinks
ES Shifter Bushings
MeganRacing Front Camber Kit w/ Hardrace Bushings and BJs
Innovate 85A Steel Mounts
eBay Tophats
Stock Bushings
TWM Shifter/ GSR knob

D-series SoCal Division
93' dx hatchback
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1993 civic dx hatch.

Complete stock Integra front and rear suspension, uca, lca, rta, hubs, and sway bars all with energy suspension bushings.

Bilstein "yellow" heavy duty shocks with eibach sportline springs.

Tanabe strut tower bars front and rear, ebay c pillar bar and lower tie bar.

11.1" brembo blanks, ITR calipers, hawk hps pads, arp studs (front)

10.2" brembo blanks, rsx calipers, hawk hps pads, arp studs (rear)

earls SS braided brake lines, '91 EX 15/16" master cylinder, 40/40 prop valve.

15"x7" +30 Rota slips on 205/50/15 nitto neo gen

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just getting started with suspension (I have a cx) brake swap needs install waiting on pads and fluid to show up

- k-sport coilovers
- ls rear sway bar
- e.s. rear trailing arm bushings/ sway bar/ shifter bushings
- ls teg front and rear trailing arm/knuckle brake swap.
- hawk hp+ in the front, stock rear
- 15/16th master ...stock prop for now
- Russell braided lines
- stoptech str600 dot4 fluid
- ebay rlca's that probably need replacing
- gsr front strut bar
- custom one piece rear strut bar
- autopower 4 point bolt in roll bar
- 205/50zr15 nitto nt01 on 15x6.5 +40 enkei rims

still needs some more bushings, camber kits and a few other goodies but financially its gonna have to wait

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keep them coming....don't be afraid to post past setups that did or did not work and for what type of racing your setup "I switched from a 13mm to a 32 hollow bar, but then dropped down to a itr because it was to much"...

gives the rest of us and idea and things to stay away from or maybe get the feeling they are after.

idk tossing ideas out there but I LOVE the idea of this thread

My car...or my truck
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Koni Sports
Ground Control 350f, 425r
15x7.5 6UL
205/50 Neogen

Future plan is to use hardened rubber in all the pivot locations and motor mounts, urethane in stationary places, refresh ball joints and tie rods with oem, and add stock sway bars if I feel it still needs it at that point.

**Edit 1994 DX Hatchback (EH2)

The Great Weldini
91 civic
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1991 Honda Civic HB

all es bushings
2 point front strut bar
2 point rear strut bar
JimFab Traction bar
1991-1993 Integra 18mm front hollow sway bar
ASR 22mm sway bar and subframe brace
1992-1995 Front strut forks
1992-1995 Buddy Club struts 10k/F and 12k/R
Fastbrake front brackets
1993 Corrabo 11" rotors
1991-1993 Integra Front calipers
Axxis ceramic brake pads
Stock OEM rear drum brakes
OEM rear brake pads
Nitto NeoGens 205/50/15
15" Integra Blades wheels

its not about a single thing but about the package.

Pew Pew!
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Model: 1998 Civic Hatch

- Coilovers: Tein HA
- Sway Bars: Front 22mm, rear 22mm
- ASR rear subframe
- ASR adjustable end links
- Hard Race RTA
- ES bushings all around
- Omi Power Upper Camber Kit
- Skunk2 Rear Camber kit
- 205/50-15 Dunlop Star Specs
- Kosai K1 15x7 +32
- ITR Front Calipers with 07 Mini Cooper BASE Rotors
- ITR Rear Calipers with 02-04 EP3 Rotors
- Hawk HPS Pads all around
- Earls SS Brake Lines

i'll post pic later

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98 Civic EX sedan:
Progress CS-II
Spoon Sports rear strut tower bar
everything else stock and squishy

98 Civic DX coupe:
KYB GR-2 shocks/Tenzo springs
Skunk2 rear LCA
del sol rear discs/RTA/e-brake cables
DC Sports rear lower tie bar
everything else stock and squishy

Two men shy of a group
99 civic sedan ex
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99 civic sedan EX model

Function and form type 2 on lowest setting
Buddy club racing front uca camberkit
buddyclub rear camber kit
buddyclub rear lca in titanium color
drag dr-41 on kumho ecsta 195/50/15

Will post pictures later when I get home, also all this suspension stuff was on my hx coupe. The f&f have probably 70xxx miles but everything else has maybe 15xxx. I would like to get a password jdm 3 point strut bar some day


Civic EJ6
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1998 Civic ils (similar to DX coupe in US)

Front and rear ITR Sway bars (unsure of size)
ASR rear subframe kit
Koni yellows with stock springs

When i have my turbo-setup running again i will have to change the stock rear drum brakes to 99 SI rear brakes. In front i will go for SI front knuckles, calipers from ITR and 282mm discs. The koni-shocks will recieve a megan racing coilover-kit.

my dd has 1800 ftlbs of torque
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honestly if I paid retail I wouldn't be so satisfied. if you preload them a lot they are a little too high if you don't preload them they are a little too soft but the rears are great.

that's why I did that mod to the forks

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92 hatch daily driver. There's are no race tracks on this island.......yet
Had Progress CSII.

Now, Tokico Illuminas
GC sleeves and coils
Extended top hats
Stock civic front sway bar
Rear asr brace with asr sway bar
fake hardrace front upper arms with real hardrace BJ
Skank2 rear lower arms

Waiting for hardrace RTA to come in.

Subbie Outback
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91 Civic Hatch Stage Rally Car
Full Rally America Spec roll cage
Interior completely gutted
Shop fabbed dash with complete gauage set (tach, speedo (it has to be road legal), fuel level, oil pressure, water temp, voltage)
91 Integra suspension/brakes/spindle swap front/rear, hardrace bushings everywhere
15/16 inch master cylinder/9.5 inch booster
Drilled/Slotted EBC rotors front/rear
Custom stainless steel/urethane coated brake lines
K-Sport twin cylinder handbrake
K-Sport Gravel Rally coil-overs
Shop fabbed front strut mount brace tied into upper control arm mounts (1 inch .095 DOM)
Shop fabbed rear LCA mount brace (1 inch .095 DOM)
Rear strut mounts tied into cage (1.75 inch .120 DOM)
14 in BMW bottle cap rims
DMack Gravel Rally tires
CRX/SI Rear Anti-Sway Bar

ek hatch
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Eibach drag springs,kyb agx at all 4 corners,energy suspension poly fullmkit,st front and rear sway bars,aem tie bar.on lowest settings it handles tight and absorbs most bumps,on tightest agx settings it handles super responsive n i feel every crack in the rd
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