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Lets start a big list referrencing ALL the DIY's on!
I think it will help the DIY community as a sticky for fast access! :TU:
Thanks for the sticky, mods/admins!
  • Please PM me with your threads if they are not already on the list and I will add them

  • Lets aim to keep this thread clean of needless chatter and unnecessary comments

Make a How To

AllData Style Library

Misc/All makes models H/F2B DIY. AWESOME STUFF!!
stenciling/paint smiley face
Making a cheap ghetto Catch Can
Replacing those pesky VC Bolt Grommets
Change and calibrate your TPS
Installing B&M's FPR
Making obd0-obd1 distributor adapters
Oil Pump shimming and porting
det cans for under 25 dollars
DIY Bitch Pin Removal
Great upgrade for any DD civic! (Windshield Washer Nozzle)
IACV Cleaning
Valve Cover R&R with new gaskets
Suspension/strut fork bolt removal trick
Foos Catchcan
Gauge Install
Hood Tilt
Low Clearance Air Filter
Change a timing belt, cam gear or crank pulley.
Make a shroud for your slim fan
Auto tranny fluid change
Custom paint your Valve Cover
Innovative Catch Can (soap dispenser)
MSD 6AL + External Coil Install Instructions
Black housing headlights
Change your PCV Valve
Center Caps
Rad Fan cooling even with key off
Reset the SRS light
How to swap your brake master cyl and booster
Curb rash repair
Curb Rash repair update
Remove outer window molding/weather stripping
Brake caliper lettering
Homemade Polyurethane Engine Mounts
High flow air filter
oil filter relocation
Solid crisp shift. Get rid the slop on shifter!
plugging air injection holes
Aftermarket intake manifold install
Valve Lash Adjustment
Refnishing Windshield Wiper Arms
DIY Sound Deadening Removal- Dry Ice
DIY Master Cylinder Replacement
DIY Heli-Coil install for headbolts...
DIY Radio Blockoff

Crown Royal shift boot
Tweed armrest panels
Installing an aftermarket steering wheel.
Brightening your gauge cluster
Dynamat your ride with undercoating
Spare Tire cover cleanup
Gauge Installation

Body Work
Honda quarter panels
Make your cloudy/hazy headlights look like new again!
DIY Cure for cancer (if you catch it early)

3rd Gen 85-87
UK Civic with JDM influence ZC @ her heart

4th Gen 88-91
EG Climate control installation
Innovative Mounts install
Del Sol seats install w/o changing pan

5th Gen 92-95
DIY EG Sunvisor mod
Custom way to install your rear speakers
Engine swap WITH Automatic Tranny
Axle Replacement
fuel pump install
Aftermarket cluster overlays installation
OEM Fog Lights
Monster Can coolant overflow
Clutch position sensor pads
Change your Main Relay
DIY: Cigarrete Gauge Pod
DIY Power doors in an EG SI Hatch

6th Gen 96-00
ITR 22mm Rear Swaybar and ASR Subframe Brace Install
HID Retrofit
D-Series Valve Clearance Adjustment (George Belton)
Supension install (Koni/GC)
1994-2001 Integra seats in 96-00 civic
97 Radio Relocation

Datalog with LC-1, Crome, and Freelog
Free Laptop Mount
LC-1 Install Guide
Configuring and burning SST chips with Willem Enhanced Dual Power

Forced Induction
Boost Controller
HMT Turbo Screen
Tired of turbo car not having washer bottle?
Rebuild your ebay Greddy type-s/rs bov for $3.19

I'll be updating this as often as possible!
PMing me would be the best way to add it to the list. Posting it will just lead to confusion. Lets keep all of them in 1 post for easy access!

my dd has 1800 ftlbs of torque
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  • Please PM me with your threads if they are not already on the list and I will add them

  • Lets aim to keep this thread clean of needless chatter and unnecessary comments
Thanks for all of the extra links! I am adding them as I get them via PM.

Mods/Admins: Possible to lock thread this thread so as to keep it neat?

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The tapping y8 auto diy isnt correct unless further in the thread it shows the proper way to do it. The hole closest to the tb flange needs to be drilled about half way threw. Then you have to drill a hole from the tb flange where the iac port on the tb lines up to the tb flange on the intake to the the half way through hole. The hole in the flange needs to be about a 3/16 dia hole I believe. That is the proper way to do it.

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BogusSVO How tos and helpful links.

General Knowledge

Head machining

head builds

Rod work

Crank work

Block work

Engine Assembly & measuring

Misc. Machining

Inspections & tear down
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