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Lightweight or machine the stock one?

Poll: Lightweight flywheel or stock?

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Ok guys, I need a new flywheel on my car. Here is a build thread so you can see what it is: For those of you lazy guys, its a 10:1 z6, staying NA for a few months until after tax season, then a dsm small 16g converted to a 19c will be going on it.

My question is, I'm broke and I absolutely need a new flywheel. My Exedy one has been machined too much and it is now too thin to use. A new one is $220, but I have a stock one with a ton of meat on it just laying around that I could spend $30 on to get machined... I remember when I went from the stock one to the light one that it made a pretty noticeable difference in acceleration so I would really like to put a llightweight back on there. I'm just strapped for cash right now with christmas around the corner and I'm not sure if it's worth it. Let me know what you think.

Especially you guys running stock flywheels, I already know how great lightweight ones are, but I'm most interested in the opinions of people who have had both.

UPDATE: I did a comparison write-up on page 4.
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i allways ran a stock flywheel, i finally got a 12lb cromemoly flywheel from action clutch.

Allthough i really like the clutch/flywheel setup its a pain in the ass to daily drive.Its not a TON harder to drive, but having to feather the throttle and play the spin or stall game gets old.

next time i have the transmission down ill be putting my stock flywheel back on with the upgrade clutch.
Ya I did spin the tires a lot with the lightweight flywheel actually. What clutch do you run?
im running the 6 puck 1md from action clutch. Its a very grabby clutch, i suppose if i ran a full faced disc i wouldnt have such an issue with the lightweight flywheel. But since i cant really slip the clutch its tough to find the perfect balance when taking off.
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