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So Jessica is taking the baby to visit her folks in Savannah and I'm gonna be bored so come out w me and go racing.

Friday August 26th appears to be the final late night test and tune at Pacific so tech is at 4, racing goes til 11. Super cool. Plus there's no jr dragsters scheduled. Even MORE cool! (Extra runs)

I already have 4 or 5 ppl in just today locally, and it's gonna be awesome. It'd be great if we could get a few dso members to come out and rep for Honda here at the season ending Friday night under the lights test and tune finale.

Turnout historically is low and u get plenty of runs.

It's about time to get some baselines for winter projects anyway so don't be pusies and come do some runs!

Cars in so far for sure (besides my dinky lil thing) are a six port swapped first gen rx7, a modded flat 6 n/a Porche 911 circa 2000, and a showroom fresh 2016 wrx. See how u stack up!

Maybes include a jdm h22 ek, an ej20 wrx powered 914 (probly won't get done, lol), legit n/a nismo sentra spec v, 2009 edelbrock supercharged mustang GT, stock 2015 gt500
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