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93 Civic HB SI
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they will be long and dangly
:ROFLMAO: It's how I know I'm getting older by the day

and again im asking partnumbers please
Since the engine is a Y8, go to literally any parts store website, set up a vehicle, enter any combination of 96-00 Civic EX, search for spark plug or spark plug wires/ignition cables, and filter the results to only show NGK.

Pick literally anything that shows up, add to cart, checkout, and done.

There will also be tons and tons of part numbers to look at by doing this, to satisfy the apparent part number hard on.

Trippin me out slo, I knew i wasnt clever enough to put two things in the same message... being all efficient and removing redundancies all in the name of Batman himself before I could even blink an eye :)
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